Hawker 1000 Private Jet

Hawker 1000

Of the many business jets available from Private Jets Charter, the Hawker 1000 Super Mid Size corporate jet is a favorite for groups of up to 9 persons. This sleek executive jet offers fast travel and an intimate atmosphere filled with luxury accommodations. The cabin of this private jet is an ideal area in which to relax or to conduct meetings. The Hawker 1000 has a partial galley for food service and has one enclosed lavatory. Charter a private jet for your next meeting and you will discover the convenience of air charter services over commercial flights. Costs for small groups traveling on private jets are comparable to regular first class flights but your group will have many added conveniences.

By using Private Jets Charter air charter service you open up savings on ground transportation and time. Your group can fly into thousands of airports that commercial flights cannot use and they will have fewer problems with lines, luggage, security checks and in flight services. The Hawker 1000 has a flight distance range of 3,411 nautical miles and can take off closer to home base and land nearer to your destination than commercial flights.

There are numerous Hawker 1000’s ready for private jet charters. Only a few hours notice is required for Private Jets Charter to set up your executive jet charter ready for service. Book any of our Hawker 1000 jets for your next business group trip and enjoy direct flights that are customized for your needs. Your staff will feel pampered and be more excited about traveling on the Hawker 1000. They should arrive more rested and enjoy higher productivity from reduced stress and travel time coming from and going to their destinations.

Rent a Hawker 1000from Private Jets Charter to suit your scheduling needs. Depart and land at your convenience and avoid the hassles you typically encounter at large commercial airports and with commercial airlines. Spend less time flying and arrive rested at your destination. We guarantee your satisfaction! Our experienced crews and flight attendants are ready to serve and make your custom charter flight a grand success. Providing executive and corporate business jets is our specialty; you can depend upon the very best aircraft, flights and service from Private Jets Charter service.

Hawker 1000 Information:

Seating : 8
Range (st. miles) : 3,411
Cabin Size : 5.7 Height, 6.0 Width, 24.4 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 72,3
Lavatory : Enclosed
Galley : Partial

Hawker 1000 Interior :

Interior of the Hawker 1000 Private Jet

Hawker 1000 Layout :

Layout of a Hawker 1000 Private Jet
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