Gulfstream II/G-II Private Jet

Gulfstream II

When the Gulfstream II private jet was first released it set new industry standards in speed, performance, and comfort. Now, the Gulfstream II is still a leader in its class and as fabulous and as it ever was. With an intercontinental range and luxurious seating for fourteen, the G-II is a business jet that meets the needs of even the most discerning corporate executives and clients. If you require flexibility, reliability, class, speed, and comfort in your private jet charter, we absolutely recommend this this superb aircraft. Private jets are our business, and we take care of our business so that you can focus on taking care of yours.

The Gulfstream II is powered by Rolls Royce Spey Engines that you can trust to carry you up to 3,000 nautical miles quickly and reliably. The sky is literally the limit with the G-II as this private jet has an impressive cruising speed of 550 miles per hour and can be chartered to over 5,000 airports worldwide.

With just a few hours notice we can have you jetting across an ocean while enjoying the top level of comfort and service available in the skies. The Gulfstream II has a length of 39.3 feet, a width of 7.3 feet, a height of 6.1 feet, and, unlike many other corporate jets, the standing and breathing room you and your clients need to relax or do business. The aircraft offers enough plush leather seats and couches for fourteen as well as wooden table top work spaces. And of course, the lavatory on the G-II jet is fully enclosed. We promise that the elegant and spacious cabin of this executive jet has everything you need to conduct meetings or just get some rest.

We know that there are many excellent private jet charters in the world to choose from, so we thank our clients for choosing us by providing them with unparalleled service. We strive to exceed expectations and are capable of having a Gulfstream II ready for you within just a few short hours. In flight your every need will be catered to by a personal flight attendant who will redefine both friendliness and courtesy for you. You live in a world without limits, and we make it possible for you to move freely through it on your schedule and to your specifications.


Gulfstream II/G-II Information :

Seating : 11-14
Range (st. miles) : 3,000
Cabin Size : 6.1 Height, 7.3 Width, 39.3 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 157
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Full

Gulfstream II/G-II Interior :

Interior of the Gulfstream II/G-II Private Jet

Gulfstream II/G-II Layout :

Layout of a Gulfstream II/G-II Private Jet
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