Falcon 900 Private Jet

Falcon 900 Series

Book the Falcon 900 Series Heavy Jet for your next executive jet charter from Private Jets Charter for the ultimate in flying luxury and range. This charter aircraft has beautiful design from its French manufacturer Dassault Aviation. It is the corporate jet that uniquely uses three engines in its advanced development. The Falcon 900 Series jets comfortably seat up to 13 persons and fly to a range of 4,000 nautical miles. There are two crew members and a flight attendant to provide excellent service during your charter flights. Amenities include a fully enclosed lavatory and food service from the full galley on board. You can enjoy walk about comfort with its cabin height of 6’2”.

Air charter service has never been so convenient for business or personal use. There are thousands of airports around the globe that cannot handle large commercial aircraft but they are perfect for private charter jet service. You can land at these smaller private airports and be closer to your destination or home territory and avoid the long lines, waiting and parking problems of large commercial airports. There is much less ground transportation required because you are closer to your destination. This saves both time and money for travelers.

The spacious interior of the Falcon 900 Series jet aircraft is a place for conducting business meetings or for relaxing in luxurious comfort while you enjoy your window view. You can reserve Falcon 900’s from Private Jets Charter easily and it only takes a few hours to get your jet charter ready to go. Avoid layovers and connection stops by flying direct to the private airports on your air charter service. Your flight party will arrive relaxed and be ready to tackle business or pleasure right away when you book their transportation with Private Jets Charter.

Every Private Jets Charter flight is customized so that your special needs are met. We have all sizes and types of aircraft for personal and corporate use. We want you to be totally satisfied and enjoy a truly unique flight experience with our jet charter service. A phone can get your flight reserved and you can fly according to your schedule to the destinations of your choosing anywhere in the world. Call today to rent a Falcon 900 Series Heavy Jet.


Falcon 900 Information :

Seating : 12-13
Range (st. miles) : 4,000
Cabin Size : 6.2 Height, 7.7 Width, 39.1 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 127
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Full

Falcon 900 Interior :

Interior of the Falcon 900 Private Jet

Falcon 900 Layout :

Layout of a Falcon 900 Private Jet
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