Citation Sovereign Private Jet

Citation Sovereign

The Cessna: Citation Sovereign is one of the latest mid-sized business jets to be produced by Cessna. The Sovereign is part of the widely-popular line of Citations series charter aircraft. The Citation Sovereign has been produced to have a larger cabin for comfort and increased capabilities to allow for longer range operation. This gives the passengers the option of traveling internationally in this fine private jet. It is a surprisingly agile aircraft for its size, and it is able to operate in and out of small airfields even when fully loaded. It is a powerful aircraft with an extremely impressive range. The Citation Sovereign is a great business jet for international business men.

Cabin Layout and Seating

The Citation Sovereign boasts a spacious cabin with eight seats. The cabin is 1.7 meters wide throughout, and the cabin is roughly 10 meters long. The isle is set down about 6 inches to give passengers additional head space when walking through the plane.

The Sovereign offers a unique seating arrangement with two sections of four seats that face each other. This double-club configuration makes it an excellent business jet charter or executive jet charter because the seating arrangement allows all passengers to interact in a organized environment. There is an extra side bench for an extra passenger or flight attendant, and the eight seats can rotate freely up to 180 degrees. There is a storage area for carry-on baggage and a vanity area with a toilet located in the rear of the cabin.

Range Capability

The Citation Sovereign takes off with very short amounts of space for the size of the plane. The executive jet only needs 1100 meters of runway to lift off of the ground. The Citation Sovereign has an incredible range of over 4630 kilometers, even when the jet is packed to full capacity.

The Sovereign come standard with a full glass-cockpit with four large LDC screens. The jet uses a new avionics system that includes three axis autopilot. Also, this jet comes fully loaded with the best, technically enhanced dual Flight Management Systems (FMS), GPS, and color weather radar available. This plane comes with the highest level of safety features offered on corporate jet charters.

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Citation Sovereign Information :

Seating : 8
Range (st. miles) : 3,310
Cabin Size : 5.7 Height, 5.6 Width, 24.2 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 100
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Full

Citation Sovereign Interior :

Interior of the Citation Sovereign Private Jet

Citation Sovereign Layout :

Layout of a Citation Sovereign Private Jet
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