Citation III/VI/VII Private Jet

Citation III/VI/VII

The Cessna Citation III/VI/VII have been very popular private jets which have been around for more than three decades, providing plenty of comfort, space and high-performance for business passengers. The Citation III/VI/VII are versions of the same successful private aircraft model. The Citation III was the original that included more customizing options for consumers. The Citation VI attempted to reduce customization options with a standardized avionics and interior package. The Citation VII improved these charter planes with a more powerful engine.

The Citation III/VI/VII are mid-sized private jets that have an estimated range of 2,100 nautical miles. They have an enclosed lavatory and luxury cabin.

The basic seating configuration has chairs and a sofa; the high-density configuration can hold up to nine passengers. Fold-down tables can be used for meetings. There is space for two crew members.

This long-range corporate jet builds upon the legacy of the Citation I and II, but with a larger size. Teams of business leaders can plan their marketing strategies in the comforts of this stylish, leather environment. Charter a jet to quickly move to locations around the world.

The Citation III was developed as a competitor to high-performance, mid-sized aircraft in 1978. It received its FAA certification in 1982. Immediately, this corporate jet set numerous in-class records for time-to-climb and overall speed. A final total of 202 Citation IIIs were produced before the discontinuation in 1992.

Cessna attempted to make more money with the Citation VI by building a more standardized avionics package and cabin interior. Manufacturers, oftentimes attempt to build on prior success by offering fewer features for the same price. This economy version of the Citation III wasn't very popular. The line was discontinued in 1995 after only 39 aircraft were made.

Developed at the same time as the Citation VI, the Citation VII was manufactured with more powerful engines that provided faster speeds. This model could also operate in higher altitude environments during hotter weather. Production began in 1991 and was completed in 2000 with 119 aircraft being made.

Charter a private jet for exclusive business or leisure groups - with the Citation III/VI/VII, you won't be disappointed.

Citation III/VI/VII Information :

Seating : 8
Range (st. miles) : 2,100
Cabin Size : 5.8 Height, 5.7 Width, 18.7 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 61
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Partial

Citation III/VI/VII Interior :

Interior of the Citation III/VI/VII Private Jet

Citation III/VI/VII Layout :

Layout of a Citation III/VI/VII Private Jet
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