Citation II Private Jet

Citation II

The Cessna Citation II is one of the more successful corporate jets ever introduced. After it's first flight in 1977, the Citation II has remained a constant symbol of quality and reliability in a private jet. Cessna is the world's leader in producing the premier business jets on the market, and the Citation II is an example of a philosophy that reflects a commitment to building the best private aircraft. With all the success and achievements reached by its predecessor the Citation I, the Citation II takes it to the next level by offering technological upgrades and increased seating capacity.

When deciding on the right private jet for business needs, the first step is to find a reputable corporate jet charter service. Most still operate the Citation II executive jets because they have proven themselves for many years. A good plane gets better (and safer) with age, and the Citation II is an example of this process. As far as private aircraft is concerned, the Citation II is often mimicked but never duplicated.

An important attribute of the Citation II private aircraft is it's luxurious and large cabin. This makes it the perfect corporate jet for those who need the space to conduct business while in flight. With seating for up to ten passengers, it is possible to get plenty of work done while in the air on a Citation II. The less-efficient jet engines of the Citation I were replaced with JT15D4 engines on the Citation II, which are more powerful and offer longer range. The Citation II is a fast business jet that still holds its own in terms of fuel-efficiency.

A good indication of the quality and reliability of the Citation II executive jet is the fact that it is a widely-utilized military aircraft in countries around the world. There is no margin for error during military operations, and the Citation II private aircraft is respected for its safety record. There is a reason that the Citation II was manufactured for over 30 years and that reason is quality.

There are many choices when deciding on an air charter service. A good indication of a reliable company is the type of aircraft they use. If a Citation II is an option, it is a safe bet that the executive jet charter service has the best-interests of business travelers in mind.

Citation II Information :

Seating : 8
Range (st. miles) : 1,520
Cabin Size : 4.8 Height, 4.9 Width, 16.0 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 77
Lavatory : Enclosed
Galley : Partial

Citation II Interior :

Interior of the Citation II Private Jet

Citation II Layout :

Layout of a Citation II Private Jet
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