Citation CJ3 Private Jet

Citation CJ3

The big-brother craft to the CJ2 and CJ1, the Citation is bigger, better, and is one of our favorite planes to offer as a charter aircraft.

The Cessna Citation CJ3 stands roughly 15 feet tall, measures 50 ft in length, and has a wingspan of about 53 feet. Even though the CJ3 is a small jet (seating only 6-7 passengers), it just may be the perfect combination of strength, speed, and flexibility for a charter plane. The Cessna Citation CJ3 is a popular private charter jet for many private jet services as well as executive charters because of its size and characteristics.

The CJ3 is a member of the celebrated Citation line at Cessna, and is larger than CJ1 and CJ2. The CJ3's natural laminar-flow design reduces drag and increases airspeeds, while two powerful Williams FJ44 turbofan engines are rated to produce over 2,600 pounds of thrust each. Thrust means power and speed: the CJ3's 480 mph maximum speed helps the private jet ascent in less than 45 minutes to a cruising altitude of 45,000 feet. Further, with the Citation CJ3's stellar range of 1,712 nautical miles, the CJ3 wastes little time at stopovers.

The CJ3 offers all amenities that should be expected on a corporate jet charter aircraft. The CJ3 offers external baggage access to luggage holds in the tail-cone, and a spacey cabin that stands 4 feet longer than the original CitationJet's. Plush executive recliners track toward the aisle to allow more legroom and headroom for passengers during flight. The high-capacity cabin-cooling system ensures a comfortable cabin, and fourteen elliptical windows allow natural lighting throughout the cabin.

Cessna takes safety seriously, and the CJ3 has met and exceeded safety regulations in its class. Citation airframes are stress-tested five times during the aircraft's lifetime, and Cessna only uses proven parts, tested above and beyond FAA specifications. Most importantly, the CJ3 features a state-of-the-art flight deck with the navigation tools of a much larger jet, letting you find yourself at home... wherever you find yourself!

It takes only a few hours' notice and 3,180 feet of open tarmac to prepare a Cessna Citation CJ3 for your next private jet charter. Let us show you air charter done right.

Citation CJ3 Information :

Seating : 6
Range (st. miles) : 1,712
Cabin Size : 4.8 Height, 4.8 Width, 16.1 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 74
Lavatory : Enclosed
Galley : Partial

Citation CJ3 Interior :

Interior of the Citation CJ3 Private Jet

Citation CJ3 Layout :

Layout of a Citation CJ3 Private Jet
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