Citation CJ1 Private Jet

Citation CJ1

The Citation CJ1 is an American-made turbofan-powered light corporate jet, and is a popular charter aircraft for many uses. With a wingspan of just under 47 feet, the CJ1 boasts a comfortable cabin and the ability to seat seven.

The CJ1 is certified for ranges of up over 1200 miles for certain payload classes, and has a maximum cruising speed of 450 mph. The Citation Jet uses a supercritical laminar flow wing and Williams Rolls FJ44 turbofans to reach these high speeds, making the CJ1 a popular choice for business jet services and other private charters. The uninterrupted flow of air across the wings translates to increased airspeed for the Cessna Citation CJ1 when compared to previous Cessna designs.

The interior of our CJ1's are exceptionally luxurious to provide you the highest quality in air charter services. Although the cabins of CJ1s are small, the stylish reclining seats track into the aisle for increased leg and head room. Further, thanks to special acoustic-blanked soundproofing, the CJ1's cabin is one of the quietest in its class. The space on the aircraft is maximized by removing luggage to the roomy nose and tail cone baggage storage areas.

The Citation CJ1 is an exceptional charter aircraft, popular with jet charters both public and private. Because of the small size, speed, and comfort, the CJ1 is used by business jet charters and executive charters frequently.

The CJ1 has been noted for its safety features. Cessna airframes are stress-tested five times during the aircraft's standard lifetime. Further, Cessna has high standards for quality in aircraft parts, going above and beyond required aviation safety guidelines. For example, the landing gear on the Citation CJ1 lasts five times the normal lifetime of landing gear on other planes, thanks to frequent stress-tests.

The Citation CJ1 business jet is powered by two Williams FJ44-1AP turbofan engine, which can produce up to 1,965 pounds of thrust. This increased engine power allows for heavier loads (100 lbs increase in maximum takeoff weight) and steeper climbs (climb to 41,000 feet in 27 minutes) than older models used by our competition.

Small yet powerful, the Citation CJ1 private jet charter has been the choice of executive jet charters. Choose the CJ1, and let our charter aircraft solve your transport needs.

Citation CJ1 Information :

Seating : 5
Range (st. miles) : 1,200
Cabin Size : 4.8 Height, 4.8 Width, 11.0 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 59
Lavatory : Enclosed
Galley : Partial

Citation CJ1 Interior :

Interior of the Citation CJ1 Private Jet

Citation CJ1 Layout :

Layout of a Citation CJ1 Private Jet
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