Augusta 109 Charter Helicopter

Many Reasons For Selecting A Helicopter For Your Travel Needs

When you are selecting a private charter for your travel needs you may think that you know exactly what you are looking for but there are a variety of different factors that go into selecting the right charter. And it is easiest to select the right charter flight with the help of an incredibly designed website and a helpful customer service representative. When looking at helicopters, for instance, there are a variety of different styles to choose from so you need to look at the details of the jets that are offered within that class.

To begin with in the helicopter class is the Augusta 109 this vessel is perfect for business travel and offers an incredible cabin, which can seat up to 6 individuals comfortably. It offers a cruising speed of 195 miles per hour and will allow you to take in some breathtaking views of the countryside as you soar high above and is the perfect executive jet for your business travel needs. It offers the privacy and comfort that creates the perfect setting for that small, intimate business meeting and works well to bring the staff up to speed prior to that important client meeting that you are heading to.

The Bell 407 is another helicopter and offers a single engine with four blades and is most commonly used for corporate travel and transport off shore. This helicopter is frequently used by those in air emergency services as well as used for police transport for the most part because it is so lightweight and offers a very spacious cabin. This is also the type of aircraft that moviemakers used when in need of a better vantage point. With large windows for incredible views and up to 250 lbs of luggage capacity most find travel in the Bell 407 quite accommodating and speedy at 132 miles per hour.

Offering both a little more speed and a little more luxury the Sikorsky S-76 is at the head of its class. This incredibly popular helicopter is on that is available for both air charter and business use and is considered more of a medium sized helicopter. While still only providing seating for 6 the Sikorsky S-76 offers you plenty of room to spread your wings, so to speak and is perfect for journeys of up to 345. With just a few hours advanced notice you can be on your way in this incredibly luxurious helicopter that is as perfect for transporting clients as well as the family for a weekend getaway.

A Eurocopter may be just what you need if you are looking for a helicopter that can easily be maneuvered onto a helipad on the top of a building. Although a bit smaller than the other charters in its class you will find that traveling without having to be limited airports can make business travel quite convenient and most people find that the Eurocopter is ready and waiting just about any time they request it. And don’t let its size fool you the Eurocopter is a top of the line aircraft with leather seating and helps create a nice and relaxing atmosphere for those business meetings in the air.

The MD 902 is one helicopter that has a lot to offer travelers. Originally designed by McDonnell Douglas under the name the Explorer it was revised and renamed the MD 902. This craft offers improved handling, reduced noise levels as well as extra interior space for those looking for a quality in flight experience. This aircraft can seat up to 6 individuals comfortably and offers extra access with its large sliding cabin doors. The MD 902 offers twin engines, which mean it can hold extra fuel, which in turn means it can travel to greater distances than other airplanes in this category. Equipped with night vision capabilities this is the type of helicopter that is frequently sought out by customers as one of the best in its class.

When it comes to both comfort and style you will find that the Bell Jet Ranger has one of the best cabins in the helicopter class. The setting in this cabin is the perfect setting for that romantic getaway or business meeting. The cabin holds four passengers comfortably and is by far one of the best-known helicopters in the world. They are both safe and reliable which is why so many people rely on them for their travel needs.

The Bell Long Ranger is the newer of the Bell Ranger crafts and is best suited to meet the needs of the business traveler. With a cabin designed to hold up to 7 passengers comfortably it is perfect for larger groups than that of its predecessor the Bell Jet Ranger but still offers many of the benefits of that earlier aircraft with an advanced communication system that makes it much simpler for passengers to communicate with each other the Bell Long Ranger is the perfect place for that in flight business meeting.

Selecting a private jet charter can be difficult. When selecting from this many incredible helicopters, however, working along with a customer service representative and looking online at the interiors of each craft will help you quickly narrow down which charter flight is right for your needs.

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