Challenger 604 Private Jet

Challenger 604

Bombardier, a company famous for their many excellent charter planes, manufactures the Challenger 604 private jet. The Challenger 604 is a super mid size charter aircraft that set new standards of comfort and versatility when it was released. Designed as an intercontinental business jet, performance and comfort are top of the line. A spacious cabin and amenities for relaxation and business combined with excellent avionics and flight range make the Challenger 604 an easy choice for air charter service.

Getting as close to your desired destination as quickly as possible has never been easier and more comfortable than with the Challenger 604 corporate jet. Executive charter aircraft can access over 5,000 airports worldwide, ten times as many airports as are served by commercial flights. This fantastic number offers huge benefits to corporate jet charter travelers. Great flexibility is afforded to land at an airport as close to your destination as possible, and it is easy to avoid the traffic and delays of major commercial airports.

The Challenger 604 can comfortably accommodate as many as 9 or 10 passengers. With a cabin that is over 8 feet wide passengers have ample space to settle in for work or relaxation during long flights. In addition a spacious interior with accessible luggage, enclosed lavatory and a full galley, the Challenger 604 is remarkable for the low level of cabin noise, helping with concentration and relaxation. Business and entertainment are both addressed on this executive jet. A router and LAN, Ethernet ports, a high-speed data system and 7 power outlets are all in pace to assist with in-flight business. For more relaxing flights, music and movie selections can easily be accommodated.

An advanced avionics system helps pilots safely navigate to destinations and through inclement weather. A cruising altitude of 41,000 feet is higher than most commercial flights, so flight routes will be largely free of traffic. As with other Bombardier charter planes, the Challenger 604 adheres to the strictest requirements of FAA and other certifications. With remarkable comfort, performance and safety, the Challenger 604 is a reliable choice for private jet services around the world.

Challenger 604 Information :

Seating : 9-10
Range (st. miles) : 4,640
Cabin Size : 6.1 Height, 8.2 Width, 28.4 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 115
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Full

Challenger 604 Interior :

Interior of the Challenger 604 Private Jet

Challenger 604 Layout :

Layout of a Challenger 604 Private Jet
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