Challenger 600 Private Jet

Challenger 600

A Heavy Jet that carries up to 10 or 11 passengers in comfort is the Challenger 600 that you can charter from Private Jets Charter. Its range is 2,300 nautical miles and the cabin interior has the luxury you expect from our charter planes. There is a completely enclosed lavatory on board, a full galley and a trained flight attendant to see to it that your flight is comfortable. For corporate jet charter flights we can provide special arrangements and food as required for your complete satisfaction. When you charter a private jet you expect the ultimate in service and that is just what we are skilled in doing. You will enjoy top quality service on the ground and in the air with Private Jets Charter.

Private jets can fly into places that larger commercial jet aircraft cannot. All around the globe there are thousands of smaller private airports that will accommodate private charter flights. These airports are nearer to your destination and there is less confusion and time delay on the ground and in transit. Private jets can avoid connecting stops and they skip unnecessary layovers. You arrive fast, fresh and ready to get on with your business sooner.

Time is money and with a large group there can be considerable savings with using private jet charters. Ground transportation is greatly reduced and so is waiting in lines. Your group will be able to devote their time to business and pleasure instead of delays and discouragement.

In flight amenities can be arranged for your business needs, including Wi-Fi, fax machines, desks and relaxing massages. There is flight and then there is luxury flight. At Private Jets Charter we specialize in giving you’re the best of luxury flight with all the trimmings you would expect. Large groups can fly on a private jet charter at prices comparable to routine first class fares on commercial flights. There are many Challenger 600 jet aircraft for charter ready to depart at your short notice. Just give us a few hours and we will be ready to fly at your convenience.

Make your next business function complete with deluxe luxury trip arrangements via charter aircraft services. Call on Private Jets Charter for the ultimate business travel opportunity: flying on charter helicopters, planes and jets of all sizes.

Challenger 600 Information :

Seating : 11
Range (st. miles) : 2,300
Cabin Size : 6.1 Height, 8.2 Width, 28.3 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 115
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Full

Challenger 600 Interior :

Interior of the Challenger 600 Private Jet

Challenger 600 Layout :

Layout of a Challenger 600 Private Jet
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