Challenger 300 Private Jet

Challenger 300

Private Jets Charter encourages the rental of the Challenger 300. This Super Mid Size executive style jet is excellent for long distance business travel even over transcontinental distances with its range of 3,500 nautical miles. Built for comfort as a business jet the Challenger 300 offers unique features such as digital sound and a wide body cabin. You have stand up height in the 6’1” cabin and easy walking on the wide flat floor. Challenger 300 is another excellent and modern corporate jet from Bombardier. Invite up to 9 persons for a business jet charter that is both satisfying and unique. Conduct meetings while in flight or cruise along in relaxing comfort no matter how far it is to your destination. There are added convenience features for passengers including a full galley and enclosed private lavatory.

Book your next long business flight on the remarkable Challenger 300 available from Private Jets Charter and travel according to your own schedule. One of the best reasons travelers rent executive jets from air charter services is their ability to depart and arrive according to their needs. There is no pre-set schedule and no connecting stops or unnecessary layovers when you charter a private jet. This saves you time and money on both ends of the trip and reduces the stress normally associated with flying commercially.

With only a few hours advance notice Private Jets Charter will have you boarding your sleek and luxurious Challenger 300 and on your way. Another benefit of renting private jets is that you can access thousands of executive airports that are not available to regular commercial flights. This means that you can select an airport near to your home and land at another that is closest to your destination and avoid much of the ground transportation and congestion problems you find when you are using major airlines and big airports. You have the same effective security, safety measures and trained crew members on your charter flight.

Call Private Jets Charter today to make arrangements for your next personal or business trip by private jet. We will customize everything to your requirements and guarantee your satisfaction. Charter one of our corporate Challenger 300 jets and experience the relaxation and fun only to be found with custom air charter services.

Challenger 300 Information :

Seating : 9
Range (st. miles) : 3,500
Cabin Size : 6.1 Height, 7.2 Width, 28.6 Length
Baggage (cubic ft.) : 106
Lavatory : Full
Galley : Full

Challenger 300 Interior :

Interior of the Challenger 300 Private Jet

Challenger 300 Layout :

Layout of a Challenger 300 Private Jet
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