Should You Own Or Rent A Malaita Private Jet?

Ole blue eyes said that flying high was his idea of fun.Who can disagree with him? After all there is nothing like going for a nice flight. When you want to fly around Malaita and are looking to have a great time, just take off in a aircraft
and enjoy your day. 

You can leave from Uru Harbour Airportand arrive in style at Atoifilocated in beautiful . Have yourself some food and drink and enjoy your free time before flying off to some exotic land. 

You will feel like a million dollars when you visit all the places that people think only the rich visit. The best part is you will come back well rested and await your next trip of flying high in the sky. Who knows maybe you will find some one to fly with the next time around.

Flying private is not a matter of feeling rich or wealthy. Flying private is a matter of being productive and efficient. People that charter flights out to know that they can make better use of their time by spending a bit of cash to charter a flight out to Malaita rather than sitting and standing in security checkpoint lines and baggage claim lines. More often than not, these are celebrities that are on a tight schedule. Their physical appearances at certain venues in Atoifi literally and directly generate revenue. So the sooner that celebrities can touch down at Uru Harbour Airport the sooner that revenue can come in. and obviously, the most expedient way to touch down at this airport is via chartered aircraft. This is the real reason celebrities charter private jets.

Should You Own Or Rent A Malaita Private Jet?

If a person needs to travel across the country, or possibly from one country to another, they will typically do so by purchasing a ticket on a commercial flight. However, if a person has the appropriate amount of money, then another option is open to them. When they pick a Malaita to travel to they can simply make a phone call to a private jet charter service and within a few short hours a aircraftwill be ready for them at the closest airport. This type of air travel is superior to standard commercial air travel, if a person can afford it, because the plane leaves when they want it to leave and goes exactly where they want it to go. No unnecessary layovers or waiting in long lines to board a flight.

Medium Airports in Solomon Islands

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Honiara International AirportHoniaraHIR
Munda AirportMUA

Small Airports in Solomon Islands

Airport NameCityAirport Code
Auki AirportAukiAKS
Babanakira AirportMbambanakiraMBU
Ballalae AirportBallalaeBAS
Barakoma AirportBarakomaVEV
Fera/Maringe AirportFera IslandFRE
Gatokae AirportGatokaeGTA
Geva AirportLiangiaGEF
Kagau Island AirportKagau IslandKGE
Marau AirportMarauRUS
Mono AirportStirling IslandMNY
Ngorangora AirportKirakiraIRA
Nusatupe AirportGizoGZO
Parasi AirportParasiPRS
Ramata AirportRamataRBV
Rennell/Tingoa AirportRennell IslandRNL
Ringi Cove AirportRingi CoveRIN
Santa Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova AirportSanta Cruz/Graciosa Bay/LuovaSCZ
Sege AirportSegeEGM
Suavanao AirportSuavanaoVAO
Uru Harbour AirportAtoifiATD
Viru Harbour AirstripViruVIU

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