Augusta State Airport Charter Flights and Air Charter Service

Private Jets Charter can handle all of your charter services needs to or fromAugusta State Airport. We will make sure that the flight you chose is the right one for you. You can be assured that the charter flight you choose to or from Augusta State Airport is the best possible flight available.

Augusta State Airport Details


Type: Medium Airport

Scheduled Service: No

Local Code: AUG


Elevation: 352 Feet

Latitude: 44.3206

Longitude: -69.7973

Runways at Augusta State Airport

Augusta State Airport has 2 runways.

1 2703 Feet75 FeetASPYes
2 5001 Feet150 FeetASPYes

Radio Frequencies

Augusta State Airport utilizes the following radio frequencies.

2 ASOSASOS118.325
3 CLDCLNC DEL119.950

Chartering a Private Jet For Your Augusta State Airport Vacation

Things to do in Augusta

Which would you rather put up with--the TSA strip searching you before a flight, or a flight crew that calls you by your first name?

Travel on a chartered private jet and you will never be subject to embarrassing situations at the airport. Private jets originate from places like and Maine, and will fly you to your dream spot anywhere. At sunrise you could be sitting in your own living room, and with a chartered flight, you could be sitting in Augusta by dusk. Effortlessly, you could enjoy the mode of transportation luxury travelers have utilized for decades.

Even if your residence is a secluded paradise in "no man's land," you could have the flight you've always wanted from a private jet provider out of Augusta State Airport, or any other location. Private plane will gladly service locations anywhere there are demanding clients to accommodate.

Chartering a Private Jet For Your Augusta State Airport Vacation

Flying commercial is time consuming. That’s the worst part about flying commercial. It isn’t that it’s cheap or not luxurious enough; it’s that it wastes an exorbitant amount of time, especially if you’re traveling out to places like Augusta, where traffic on the Augusta State Airport tarmac is notoriously atrocious. Consequently, it really isn’t very surprising to find that so many people that can afford to fly to via privately chartered plane. Ultimately it saves these people money, which is the real reason why anyone would continue to fly to Maine via chartered plane, over and over again. Barring cases where you’re extremely famous and security is an issue, and so the cost to travel is inherently higher, for more normal people that can afford to take fly chartered flights, this is a money saving proposition more than anything else.

The economy has turned for the worse over the last few years. There are still some people who are able to live the life of luxury. This means being able to fly on your private plane to whatever you might want. Most people who have funds like this are able to live in the big Augusta and travel to whatever Maine whenever they please. When being able to live a life like this, it is not always handed to you. Most people have to work very hard to get to this position in life where they can just sit back and relax. Several of these people are owners of big companies, such as an Augusta State Airport. As you can see living a life of luxury can be fun. Not everybody is guaranteed to be able to do this in life. If you want to live a life like this then you will need to work hard and accomplish your goals!

Anybody living in can enjoy the luxuries of a private jet when they decide to travel. It does not matter what Maine, or Augusta, a person is in, if they connect with the right company, the next time they go to the Augusta State Airport, they can have a plane waiting to take them anywhere in the world they want to go. Flying in a private jet is much different than flying commercial. 

When a person flies in a private jet, they do not have to deal with the basic problems most people have to deal with when they fly commercial. When a person flies commercial, there is never enough legroom, and the food is never the best quality. On a basic private jet, a person has enough room to fully stretch out in their seats, and on a high class private jet, there are full beds for people to sleep on.

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